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A Guide for Teens

No Way To Know What Will Happen


These days there is so much information available on the dangers of drugs and the process of addiction.  Nobody ever sets out with the intention of becoming an addict and yet it continues to happen.  When it comes to drugs, nobody is special….


If you and your friends smoke dagga or use other drugs or alcohol, there is no way to predict how you will act or what will happen when you are drunk or high. All drugs, including dagga, can be harmful and addictive. There is no magic number of drug experiences it takes to become addicted.  The only way to keep yourself safe is not to start in the first place.


Common sense tells us that helping yourself or a friend address alcohol or drug use early can help stop the problem before it gets out of control. This is why it is important to step up and get help for yourself or talk with your friends — you never know what consequences lie ahead if you continue to drink or do drugs.


How do I know if I am getting into trouble?


  • Using drugs or alcohol regularly to have a good time or cope with everyday life.
  • Hanging out with new friends who do drugs or who can score drugs for you
  • Showing up at school or work drunk or high or bunking classes to use
  • Breaking plans or showing up late because you were getting drunk or high
  • Showing little interest or dropping out altogether from activities you once enjoyed, like sports or music
  • Using drugs or drinking when you are alone
  • Driving a car while high or drunk or getting into a car with someone who is high or drunk
  • Borrowing money to buy drugs or alcohol
  • Needing friends to take care of you when you are drunk or high to keep you from doing things you might regret, like having unprotected sex or getting into a fight
  • Having difficulty with family relationships and letting family and friends down.


If you see yourself doing some of these things, you may want and need to re-evaluate your relationship with drugs and alcohol.


How To Say “NO”


At times you may find yourself in situations where you are offered drugs and alcohol.  There are ways of getting yourself out of these high-risk situations…


  • “No thanks, it’s not for me.”
  • “I tried drinking/smoking and I threw up. That can’t be good for you.”
  • “Why would I want to mess up a good thing? I’m cool the way I am.”
  • “You’re kidding right?  Why would I want to do something so stupid?”
  • “No thanks, it’s illegal for a good reason.”
  • “You should find out more about what that stuff will do to you.”
  • No thanks, I would like to enjoy the rest of my life.”
  • a guide for teen
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  • a guide for teen